Tonic Solfa of Finesse by Phleez x Buju

 Tonic Solfa of Finesse by Pheelz ft. Buju

 In this post, I will give the correct and complete tonic Solfa of Finesse by Phleez ft. Buju. Also, for those interested in the Chord Progression of Finesse, you will receive get it here.

   Finesse is a hip-hop song officially released on March 10th, 2022. The producer, however, leaked a part of it before its official release.

Below is the tonic Solfa of Finesse, the chorus. If you need the tonic Solfa of the full song, correct and complete one, I have written a pdf for it. Here, you will find the tonic Solfa of the full song. Also, if you need the chord progression of the song, I have written it for you. 

Tonic Solfa of Finesse

And I’ve been living fast life but I see it in slow mo

 m    m    m     m m     s     m  m m m  r   d   r  d

Oh no, And you see my lifestyle I got G’s in the …

m    m    m     m m     s     m  m m m  r   d   r  d

See many people dey outside wey dey feed man zobo

  s    s d'     t    l       s     l     m    m     m    m    d l r d

Oh no, And me a standing defender like Joseph Yobo

 m m,    m  m  m   m    m     s m  m    m    m r   d    r   d

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